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Jarx makes running Java programs easy. After installing Jarx, you can run JAR files (Java archives with the .jar extension) by double clicking them.

Version history

Jarx 1.0: First release (August 12, 2004)

Jarx 1.1: support for default.jarx configuration file added (released with the Game of Life)

Jarx 1.2: support for executing JAR files outside the current directory added (September 22, 2004)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I click About in the Jarx submenu in Programs, or when I run jarx.exe I see an About dialog box but nothing happens. Is something wrong?

A: No, nothing is wrong. Jarx works invisibly and comes in action when you run (double click) a file with the .jar or .jarx file extension.

Q: Starting JAR files doesn't work anymore. How can I get Jarx working again?

A: You probably installed a program that "stole" the .jar file extension. Some unzip progams do this. You have to re-install Jarx.

Q: Does Jarx work with Java 1.1 programs?

A: Yes. You can make a JAR file and Jarx will first try to run your program in a Sun JVM and when that fails, it will try the Microsoft VM.

Q: How do I create a JAR file?

A: See Sun's JAR Tutorial. Don't forget to add the Manifest with the Main-Class-header.

Q: Can I use distribute Jarx with my own Java software?

A: Yes, Jarx is MIT-licensed. See Jarx for developers for more information.

Jarx online

The latest information and updates can be found on the Jarx website:


Jarx is Copyright 2004 Edwin Martin <edwin@bitstorm.org>.