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Fronteers conference 2010

Just like the years before, the Fronteers conference 2010 was a success. It was held in the beautifull Tuschinsky theatre in Amsterdam. The event started the evening before with the Code Jam, a initiative of Koen Willems. The idea of the Jam was to have something interesting for everybody coming to Amsterdam a day before. People held short presentation about frontend related subjects. I held a presentation called “Swipe your site, enable touch interfaces”. I showed with code and a demo how the touch interface works and how you could get smooth animations on a mobile device by using CSS transforms. Although more people came than expected, it was a very nice and informative evening.

The next day the conference would start. As one of the organisers I had to be there at 7:00 o’ clock. I was responsible for internet and WiFi and had to make sure the companies providing internet and WiFi could do their work. When the conference started, it quickly turned out using UMTS-boxes for internet didn’t work that well. Fortunately, the venue, Tuschinsky, offered their own internet connection. From that moment the connection worked pretty well. Sometimes connections broke, but that could be solved by a simple reconnect.

After one day of keeping an eye on the internetconnection, watching nice speakers, talking with others and at the end of the day having a nice dinner with nice people at Szmulewicz, I went home catching some sleep before day two started.

Day two was just as nice as day one, except I had a head ache and didn’t feel really well. This was probably caused by a combination of sleep deprivation, a hang over and a little bit of stress. At the end of the day I felt better and had a dinner with a couple of fellow organisers at Gaucho’s.

The line up of speakers was very nice and balanced. I missed the really in-dept talks we had in previous years. I’ll try to make sure they return next year. I planned to write something about each speaker, but since Chris Heilmann and Stephen Hay did this already, there wasn’t much for me to add. Except maybe for mentioning the talks I really enjoyed: css3 by css inventor Håkon Wium Lie, writing quality code by Jake Archibald and a feel good talk by Chris Heilmann.

I also made some photos of the Fronteers conference.

Every talk has been recorded. So keep an eye on the Fronteers website for the videos and slides of the speakers to appear or take a peek at Vimeo for the raw video’s.