Weblog by Edwin Martin about frontend webdevelopment and related topics


I’m a technology-enthiousiast. When I see a new technology, I want to try it, use it, master it. Unfortunately, a day only has 24 hours, from which a large part is gone when asleep. So I had to make some choices. When I saw the Internet for the first time, I was hooked. Mind you, that was in a terminal, browsers didn’t exsist at that time. At least I could focus on a manageable set of technologies.

But not for long. Java, Flash, JavaScript, CSS, and recently stuff like Node.js and WebGL to name a few, makes it impossible to grasp it all. Now I’m settling a bit with HTML(5), CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Pretty much mainstream, but as a freelancer, you can’t go too wild.

In my work or with my own little projects, I sometimes stumble on some interesting uses of technology. Or I have an opinion about something. Or I think some technology is underexposed. I want to write them down, for use for everybody. And maybe, sometimes, as a reference for myself. So I started this blog. Let me know what you think about it. And when you see a spelling error, you can also let me know, English is not my first language.

A bit about me: I almost lived my whole life in Amsterdam. A couple of years ago I moved to Hilversum, a village 20 minutes from Amsterdam. I live there with my wife Jolie and two children L. and Rosalie.