Edwin Martin's Brainwaves


I live in Hilversum (near Amsterdam), the Netherlands. I have been a webdeveloper since 1995 and I am a freelance webdeveloper since 2000. On this page you'll find links to pages I made in my spare time.

Weblog about webdevelopment

As a webdeveloper is regularly stumble on things which might be interesting for other webdevelopers. I write them down on my homepage.


After developing web sites for years, I thought it would be fun to delve into Windows programming. The result is the freeware program FontList. It creates a HTML-file, so you can easily see all your installed fonts in your web browser.

Game of Life

John Conway's Game of Life is not really a game. It's a system of cells that can die or multiply depending on the number of neighbour cells. That way the system evolves to different patterns. A kind of artificial life, actually.

Firefox extensions

I wrote two Firefox extensions. With View Cookies, you can see which cookies a server stored on your computer. With Tweak Network, you can tweak hidden network settings to improve page loading times.


I like travelling and photography. Why not combine them? Take a look at the photo's I made in Mali in 1999.

PHP still not good enough

Having programmed in PHP for six years, I learned some serious weaknesses of the language. For very simple websites PHP is fine, but you have to think hard before creating a large website with PHP.


Executing Java programs in Windows is not as easy as starting ordinary programs. To make executing Java programs user friendly, I wrote Jarx.

Cream pie for Bill

Monopolies are bad. And when a monopolist misuses its power and acts like nothing is wrong, then you might want to get a cream pie and...

Tea Tricks

Tea Tricks, a Tetris-clone is a simple game yet very addictive. Research shows this is especially true for women. They have a strong urge to order things.


You want to know the features of your browser? Or do you, as a web developer, want to know which browser your complaining visitor is using? And with which settings? Browserreport gives an overview of all the settings of your browser.


My mother tounge is Dutch, so that's what I normally use. For example my company website bitstorm.nl and my weblog.