May 30th, 2021. Jarx does no longer work with Windows 10/Java. Jarx will no longer be supported. Developers willing to try to fix this, can find the code on GitHub.

Jarx makes running Java programs on Windows easy.

Java is platform-independent. Unfortunately, this means you can't start a Java program like any other program. You can start a Java program from the command line, from a batch-file or with a precisely contructed shortcut. You often have to set some environment variables, too. And when you upgrade your version of Java, everything breaks.

With Jarx, starting Java programs is easy. Your JAR files (Java Archive files with the .jar file extenstion) just behave like ordinary programs - just double click them to start them.

Jarx is freeware - download here:

Jarx-1.2-installer.exe (74 kB)

Supported operating systems: Windows 98 and later.

You can find more information in the ReadMe-file. Here's the screenshot of the About box.

Developers can integrate Jarx with their software. See Jarx for developers for more information.

Written by Edwin Martin <>.